Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

We strive to deliver a distinct competitive advantage to our customers. It’s built into all the oral and personal healthcare products we formulate and manufacture. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations while supplying quality and value in every product and service.

Technology and Development
Through our strong technology and development capabilities, we produce fact-based business solutions while continuously improving our world-class technology platforms to support our customers’ product pipelines. Plus, we help our customers advance their competitive edge by identifying new product and category opportunities.

Manufacturing Excellence
HNB has developed an expertise in providing complete, single-source, low-cost manufacturing and logistics solutions. All of our fully integrated manufacturing facilities are dedicated to producing products designed to your specifications that meet or exceed your quality standards.

  • We follow extensive review and testing programs to ensure the excellence of our designs, materials, processes and products
  • All of our facilities maintain quality standards that go beyond current best manufacturing practices