Our Services

Our Services

For customers and their brands that need to become a major player in oral and personal healthcare, we’ve become the chosen partner to deliver leadership in quality, value, service and innovation.

Our partners know they can rely on our innovation, integrity and industry expertise. We’re deeply committed to rigorous testing and development to ensure you get solutions that sell, all tailored to your requirements and specifications.

We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere. Our multifaceted product development team follows a tactical process to capture ideas; then qualify, develop and manufacture them, ensuring successful launches into the marketplace.

Our product development activities follow a disciplined process:

  • Screen ideas for fit, feasibility and potential for our customers and their consumers
  • Explore product options and identify resources available to produce the right product for the customer
  • Develop the product using cross-functional technical, manufacturing, marketing and sales teams
  • Consumer and design test, refine and validate the product and its critical attributes
  • Launch the product into the marketplace

This disciplined approach helps us deliver fact-based product solutions to our customers and continuously improve our world-class technology platforms to support our customers’ product pipelines