Technology and Formulas

Technology and Formulas

Our first-class expertise in technology and development gives you a strategic competitive advantage. As a trusted private label oral and personal care manufacturer, we provide the proficiency and knowledge in critical technical areas needed for our clients’ success.

At Health and Natural Beauty, we believe that products and processes don’t just happen. Our technology and development team works collaboratively with our marketing team to identify new product and category opportunities that advance your competitive edge.
Plus, we follow rigorous development processes and use a comprehensive program of testing and design validation to ensure functionality, reliability and regulatory compliance.

At HNB, our Technology & Formulation Development team focuses on five primary objectives:

  • Provide technical expertise
  • Identify design and performance opportunities across broad product categories
  • Provide product management and lead development activities
  • Deliver the product pipeline
  • Construct and provide ongoing technical support for technology platforms