Our Passion & Mission

Our Passion

Health and Natural Beauty USA Corp has 30 years of co-packing and contract manufacturing expertise. Our state-of-the-art facility is cGMP registered and located in Piscataway, NJ.

Through trust, teamwork ,and a commitment to delivering best-in-class products, we enjoy valued and long-standing relationships our customers.

From custom product formulation and design to exclusive package engineering, our technology and development teams have the capabilities and innovative knowledge to deliver. HNBUSA’s expertise spans product design and development, chemical formulations, quality control and packaging, as well as automation, engineering, and custom equipment design. In addition, we can assist in sourcing sustainable ingredients for cutting edge formulas, including CBD, botanicals, collagens, and more.

HNBUSA’s facility meets all requirements for creating Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Cruelty- Free (Leaping Bunny), USDA Bio-Preferred products, and Halal. All made in the USA. We are dedicated to producing products designed to your specifications that meet or exceed your quality standards.

HNBUSA is the parent company of SprinJene®, a leading oral care brand. SprinJene®’s patented formulation of cold-pressed black seed oil and zinc is void of harsh chemicals and abrasives. SprinJene® products deliver the benefits of science and nature through safe and effective oral care products which are USDA Certified BioPreferred, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Cruelty Free (Leaping Bunny), Kosher and Halal.

SprinJene® is available nationwide at retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond, Harmon Face Values, HEB, Sprouts, Amazon, and VitaCost as well as around the globe in China, France, Russia, Singapore, Morocco, and Sudan.

Health and Natural Beauty USA’s Mission 

Health and Natural Beauty USA stives to deliver the best private label products and contract services for our customers. We have 30 years of expertise in providing complete, single-source, low-cost manufacturing and logistics solutions for start-ups, store brands, and retailers. With our strong technology and development capabilities, we product fact-based business solutions whole continuously improving our world-class technology platforms to support our customers’ product pipelines.

We believe that diversity is a strategic advantage. We know that amazing ideas emerge when great minds from different backgrounds come together. We are committed to a creative, open work environment that fosters new thinking and innovative solutions for us as well as our partners. We embrace and encourage the diversity of our employees, strategic partners, and potential customers.

We prioritize quality natural ingredients and sustainable manufacturing practices, and actively avoid using harsh chemicals that can harm people and the environment